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New Brunch Hall Food Truck

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Monday, 21 December 2015-employees of Benny&co. Were mobilized aboard the all new truck of street in order to provide 300 meals to residents of the old brewery mission located on Clark street in Montreal.

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One more way to ship your food truck to your destination.
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food truck news
Chaud Dogs The words “gourmet hot dog” might sound like an oxymoron. But the handmade specialty frankfurters at this food truck have serious pedigree. The truck’s owners (one of them is a well-known cookbook store owner and cooking teacher) are on a mission to give the lowly hot dog a makeover. They grind the pork, beef and veal themselves and stuff it into natural casings. They hired a local baker to make their sesame- and poppy-seed-studded milk buns according to their own recipe. They even whip up their own mustard and mayonnaise. All that to say these are no ordinary ballpark franks. Take, for example, the Middle Eastern shawarma dog with garlic sauce, hummus and pickled turnips, or the bibimbap, which stuffs Korean pickled carrots, sesame dressing and bean sprouts in along with the wiener.
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Venture Food Trucks at the 2014 CRFA

This year, Venture Food Trucks took our flagship truck on the road to the 2014 Canadian Restaurant and Food Association show – the largest of its kind in Canada. Our food truck attracted thousands of industry people including chefs, restaurateurs, and executives.  The show was a big success and we’ll be back next year! To see more images of venture truck, click here


food truck news
food truck news

Food trucks are the newest culinary trend. The mobile experience is excellent for customers, and the mobility of the trucks makes them accessible to nearly everyone! Food trucks not only provide tremendous opportunity to budding entrepreneurs looking to start a business, but also for corporations looking to promote their brands (we have worked with brands including Telus and Nutella to drive experiential marketing), and for businesses looking to expand. They are fun, mobile, and cost-effective. Anyone looking to build connections with their customers would be amyss without giving a mobile truck real thought!

At Venture Trucks we make your dreams a reality. We have been in the business for over 20 years, and can make any vision you have come to fruition. Our company started out with a single, hand-constructed hot dog cart over two-decades ago. All of the experience gained, lessons learned, and hard-work exhausted over that period of time is now baked into each and every food truck we manufacture. No matter what you had in mind, we can accommodate! Whether that involves building a completely custom rig, or breathing the life into your old truck, we take pride in ensuring that every truck that comes through our facilities meets our exacting standards. We know what it is like to be in your shoes, and we work with you to make your venture as successful as possible!

Request a quote today and let us show you exactly what we can do! We have trucks, trailers, vans, and containers; an endless supply of appliances; superb refrigeration options; and top-of-the-line cosmetic customizations. No matter your budget we can get you rolling in a new, used, or refurbished food truck that matches your vision. We deal with the inspections, have flexible financing options, and have customer support that understands the ins-and-outs of the business. If you have questions, we have the answers.

Need more information? We understand that this purchase is a massive undertaking for you, and your business. Check out our testimonials, media gallery, and frequently asked questions to get acquainted with our products. Have a question? Contact us. We are happy to field questions about our construction, the trucks we produce, the business itself, or whether a food truck is the right purchase for you.

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Why Choose Venture?

Competitive Pricing and Price Matching

We believe in value for the customer. We will not sacrifice quality in the name of price, but instead, will look to give you the absolute best food truck for your money. If you find a reputable truck builder offering you a better price, bring it to us. We will match it! With Venture you can rest assured that you are getting a great truck for a fair price!

Completely Customized Trucks: Built to Fit your Needs

Our staff will work one-on-one with you to make your vision tangible. We will help you select the equipment that you need, determine the optimal floor plan, design an absolutely astonishing wrap, and do it all to match your price point!

Brand New, Commercial-Grade Appliances

The trucks we produce are restaurants on wheels, and we treat them as such. We only use restaurant quality equipment, finishing, and materials. We understand that you require better than residential cooking appliances, and we accommodate accordingly. If you prefer, you can bring your own equipment and we will install it for you! We will work alongside you to meet your needs, producing a high-quality and professional mobile unit.

Financing Options Available

We work closely with financing companies that understand the industry, and want to see entrepreneurs succeed. If you are hoping to finance your truck or trailer, ask us about the options that are available for you! We are always happy to accommodate.

Made in Canada. Shipping Worldwide.
All of trucks are manufactured in our plant in Napanee, Ontario. Our facilities specialize in custom metal fabrication. We invite you to come visit us in person, see where your truck will be made, and feel comfortable before making your purchase! If you are not in Canada, do not worry. We ship internationally, anywhere in the world, for all of our trucks, trailers, and mobile food carts.

Ready Made in Addition to Custom Built Units

Need your unit fast? Not a problem! We very frequently have ready-made units that are just waiting to be driven off the lot. Whether you have customization in mind to the finest detail, or just need a professionally constructed trailer fast, we have you covered! Reach out today for more information.

Guaranteed Health Department Approval

Whether you are in Canada, the US, or Europe we are intimately familiar with what it takes to have your truck health and safety certified. All you have to do is provide us with the province/state in which you will operate your truck, and we will take care of everything else. You can be confident that when you get your truck it will exceed what is required by law!

Repairs and Upgrades

Do you already have a truck that you are looking to have repaired or serviced? We can work with you to make it more efficient, fix anything that is broken, or make additions to turn it into the truck of your dreams! Speak to our sales team for consultation and further details about how we can revitalize your truck and rejuvenate your business!

Food Trucks on the Road

Goodah Gastro Truck

Goodah Gastro Food Truck

14’ epicurean grilled cheese truck serving up delicious and decadent gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches in London ON.

Two Nuts in a Food Truck

Two Nuts in a Food Truck

Comfort food at its finest. Home made, and hand crafted. You can’t miss this bright orange truck on the streets of Kingston ON.

Nudulz Food Truck

Nudulz Food Truck

Serving “Nudul Love” on the streets of Hamilton. Cathy’s 12’ truck is on the more petite side of the food truck  spectrum, but it is fully equipped to dish out the yummiest pasta dishes in Hamilton

Chaud Dogs Food Truck

Caplansky’s Food Truck

100% home made artisanal hot dogs and sausages. Chaud Dogs brings a new twist on an old classic with unique toppings and high quality, local ingredients. Find them in Montreal on the city streets as well as events and private catering.

The Green Panther Food Truck

Caplansky’s Food Truckère-verte-The-Green-Panther/118177785414

This well-known vegan and organic Montreal eatery expanded their business with an 18’ food truck. The Traditional Falafel is a must-try!

Lapins Food Truck

Caplansky’s Food Truck

A lovely, petite salad truck in Montreal. Elizabeth brought us her own 12’ Grumman truck, which we outfitted to her specifications.

Fo’ Cheezy

Fo’ Cheezy Food Truck

Another great gourmet grilled cheese truck, Fo’ Cheezy operates in the KW area at a busy Canadian Tire location and does special events on the side.

Stone Soup FoodWorks

Stone Soup FoodWorks

Hearty, healthy, and local soups and sandwiches served right on University of Ottawa campus.

Caplansky’s Food Truck

Caplansky’s Food Truck

A Toronto staple and one of the most well known Canadian food trucks. Thunderin’ Thelma has been on the streets of Toronto for a few years and operates year-round.