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Food Truck, Concession Trailer, Modified Container 

Whether you are in the preliminary stages of your food truck plan or know exactly what you want, we can help.

  1. Once you have decided what you really need and what you really want us to build for you we will begin the build process.
  2. The build process usually takes between 6 to 8 weeks depending on the complexity of your build and the season.
  3. Food truck pricing starts at $70 000 +
  4. Concession trailer pricing starts at $50 000 +
  5. Modified container (Sea Can) pricing starts at $50 000 +
  6. We at Venture Food Trucks are a one-stop shop. We can help with design, branding, permits, insurance and ongoing consulting through our 1-800-HELP line. 

Please attach up to 3 photos, schematics, or concepts below :