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Mobile Business

Looking Beyond Food Trucks

Mobile business is considered as a business that allows you to hit the road, traveling to different locations to offer your products and services to your customers. Thinking of a mobile business brings a food truck to the mind. There are several other innovative mobile business types.

The start-up cost of a mobile business is less than a brick and mortar. It is a fun and rewarding way to have a full-time job or side hustle! Here, you can find some business ideas that fit the concept of mobility.

Fashion Truck

Fashion and Cosmetic Trucks

The idea of selling clothes or having a makeup studio in a truck is very practical since it attracts many customers through different events. Introducing a line of cosmetic products can be easily done through these mobile units in different neighborhoods, depending on the intended audience. As an example, Kylie truck, a new addition to Kylie Cosmetics Company, hits the road to introduce an expensive line of lipstick in 3 different areas of the LA.

Pet Grooming Trucks

Pet Grooming TruckDo you have pet grooming skills? With the mobility of this type of business, you can actually serve your customers at their homes and provide maximum comfort for their pups. Sprinter vans are a great vehicle type for Pet grooming trucks.

Flower Trucks

Lately, we have been seeing more and more mobile flower shops popping up! Just imagine how nice it would be toFlower Shop Truck pop up at your local farmers market with a beautiful flower display ready to go! The interior design of a flower truck is quite simple, and we can help customize this to suit your style.

These are only a few thoughts. Venture food trucks can offer you with more suggestions and flexibility to build your mobile business dream. Bring us your business outline and our expert team will help you to bring your dream to reality. Please contact us at 1.855.405.2324 or via email at

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