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Insurance, Location, and Events

Once we have started your catering conversion, we will provide you with the information you require to receive an accurate insurance estimate. This includes a copy of the ownership, VIN, year of vehicle, make and model. Your insurance rate will depend on what you are cooking and where you will operate. You will require both business insurance and vehicle insurance. Be sure to shop around to get the best rate possible.

At this point, you have probably thought about where you will operate. The beauty of a mobile business is that you can be anywhere! The best locations have a lot of pedestrian traffic and high visibility.

You may want to focus on a permanent location, or do only special events, OR a combination of both. Here are some examples of excellent spots to operate:

• Parking lot of large retail store or mall.
• Factory.
• Industrial park or commercial complex.
• Park, beach, pier, zoo, golf course.
• Sports fields
• Downtown street corner or parking lot
• University, college, high school
• Court house, military base, government complex
• Office building, hospital, call center
• Transportation center such as bus, train, subway, airport
• Marina, truck stop
• Service station, car washes

In addition to having a regular daily permanent location many Food Truck operators also set up at temporary locations to catch extra business after regular hours.

These special event locations can be very profitable. Here are some examples of these that you could consider:

• Sporting events such as soccer, baseball, football
• Car shows & rallies, farm shows, boat shows, air shows, industrial or home shows.
• County fairs, cultural events, carnivals, fishing derbies, auctions, parades.
• Flea markets, music festivals, antique and craft shows, tourist attractions.
• Grand openings, open houses, large sales events, car dealers.
• Business anniversaries, company picnics & banquets, conventions.
• Charity events, church /club /school functions.
• Music Festivals
• Catering parties and anniversaries.


It is the Venture Food Trucks team commitment to our customers that each mobile food unit is built to the highest standards.

Speedy Delivery

In the food truck industry, being prepared for the start of the season is crucial. We build on strict deadlines and can flat bed or deliver your truck to your door anywhere in the world.

24/7 Support

We have a skilled team of people who will assist you with your food truck purchase and support you and your business for years to come.