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Apply for a Food Truck Licence + Permits

Venture Food Trucks will help you get the mobile unit that perfectly suits your needs and follows rules and regulations. We have many options:

Before you buy a food truck, and while you are developing your food truck business plan inquire with your local city hall about the rules and regulations for operating a mobile business. This will help you avoid any unexpected or last minute costs. Many of our customers have a hard time navigating the regulations, permits and licensing issues that hold them back. We can help you navigate all this! Every state and every province has different rules. For example, a Canada food truck will require an ESA certification, which we take care of here. If you need help going through any literature, give us a call and we would be happy to go through it with you.

Benny & Co Food Truck

It is also beneficial to contact your health department to find out what requirements must be met for your mobile business. For example, some states require only 1 sink only in a concession truck/trailer, while other states require 4! Your health department will give you the information you need so that Venture Food Trucks can build your truck or trailer smoothly, and allow you to hit the ground running. Please Review Step 3 for more information on Health Permits.


It is the Venture Food Trucks team commitment to our customers that each mobile food unit is built to the highest standards.

Speedy Delivery

In the food truck industry, being prepared for the start of the season is crucial. We build on strict deadlines and can flat bed or deliver your truck to your door anywhere in the world.

24/7 Support

We have a skilled team of people who will assist you with your food truck purchase and support you and your business for years to come.