Are You Interested in Restoring an Old Camper Trailer for your Mobile Business?

Campers aren’t just for road trips anymore! You might have thought your mobile business needed to be in a FedEx-style truck or concession trailer, but this is not the case! There are many creative businesses that work well in a retro trailer or vintage camper. Mobile retail shop, vintage coffee trailers, or mobile bar are only a few examples! Actually, vintage trailers look so cool you can really sell anything out of them! If you are interested in any vintage trailer conversion or airstream renovations for your business, let us know. Your trailer conversion is unique and depends entirely on your concept and business. We know it can seem like converting a retro vehicle will require a lot of work, creativity and planning (and it does) but we are here to help with that.

Do you have a cool business idea that you envision going mobile in a vintage camper, airstream, or trailer? Here are a few reasons why this could work for you!

1 – Workspace

Though some are much larger, many vintage trailers are anywhere from 12’ – 16’ working space. Sometimes vintage trailers can also be quite narrow. This works well because Mobile cafes and bar layouts can generally fit in a compact workspace and be easily operated by 1-2 staff depending on how busy they are. Crowding is less of an issue in these builds than traditional food trucks because you don’t have to worry about large appliances, or too many staff inside at once.

2 – Equipment requirements

Espresso machines draw a lot of electricity, and we will help you with your power requirements! On the plus side, you don’t have to worry about greasy fryers, griddles or heavy ovens and other appliances that create a ton of heat and use propane because you won’t be doing heavy duty cooking! Other items commonly used in a mobile bar or coffee shop like grinders, hot water machines, and refrigeration don’t draw a ton of power or take up lots of space. This makes vintage trucks or trailers a great option for a mobile café or bar.

3 – Unique aesthetic  

These custom trailers are truly eye catching and that’s what makes them so perfect for a unique mobile build. If you want to stand out, a vintage trailer is the way to go. We can do trailer renovations to just about any vehicle to make it fit your vision while remaining the integrity of the trailer and the original style.

4 – Sustainability

We love taking something OLD and making it NEW again because it is better for the environment! Using an existing antique trailer and giving it new life create less of an environmental impact than purchasing a brand-new vehicle. It’s a great way to minimize your footprint while starting your mobile business.

What kind of vintage campers can you restore?

e can use a trailer supplied by you or we can source one for you. Popular trailer restorations include Airstreams, Bolers, canned ham trailers, Shastas, or any other antique trailer you love the style of!

Each antique trailer is different, and each mobile business requires different customizations, but here are some popular features. Please call us to discuss any special items or to receive a quote.

What are common vintage trailer conversions for mobile cafes and bars?

  • New Insulation and new walls- stainless, white aluminum, tile, wallpaper, barn board
  • New Flooring – Diamond plate, laminate, wood style
  • Custom cabinetry – Stainless steel or wood cabinetry
  • Unique lighting – Sconces, LED lighting, pot lights…
  • Body Work – fix dents, replace exterior walls
  • Full paint – Any colour you want
  • Full or partial graphics
  • Generator – 3000W, 7000W, 10,000W diesel or gas gennies
  • Inverter systems – Keep ice cream or other products cold while mobile
  • Water system – hot and cold running water fully self-contained or shore power connection
  • Hood/fire suppression if needed
  • TSSA + ESA inspections
  • Other modifications available too!

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