How to Use Your Food Truck Water System

This video is great for anyone who wants to start a food truck as well as new food truck owners who want to familiarize themselves with their equipment.
Always make sure to review the appliance manuals as well to ensure proper use and maintenance. Steps for turning on your food truck water system:

  • Locate fresh water fill and twist off the cap
  • You may have 20G or 40G capacity depending on your custom food truck specs
  • Determine if you have 12V or 110V pressurized pump
  • For hot water, turn the dial to setting 2. It will take about 10 minutes to heat up. You do not need to turn the heater to the highest setting.
  • For food truck owners who have a 12V system, turn on the switch and your taps are ready to use!
  • For food truck owners who have a 110V system, your water is ready now!


Do not let water freeze in the pipes. If you anticipate freezing temperatures, fill fresh water with non toxic anti freeze or drain completely.

For 12V systems, turn off the pump when not using it to preserve the battery life

Water can be drained at any time by twisting the red ball valve under your truck.

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How to Turn on Your Food Truck Appliances (Propane)

This is a great little video for new food truck owners on how to turn in your gas appliances! We start from the very beginning, opening up the valve on the 100 lb. propane tank and then go through all the features in order to safely turn on your propane cooking appliances. If you are just starting your food truck business, we recommend doing a few practice runs to ensure you are comfortable getting all your appliances fired up. Steps for turning on food truck appliances:

  • Connect your 100 lb. propane tanks to their gas hoses. Make sure it is tight
  • Open valve on propane tank – Open the main shut off valve so it is parallel to the gas lines
  • Enter your food truck and turn on the hood fan.
  • Push reset valve button. It will click and the button will light up red.
  • The gas appliances will not work without your hood fan and reset valve on!
  • Air should be drawing from your hood
  • If you lose power, the reset will click off and gas will not flow to the equipment
  • You can open each appliances individual gas valve and light the pilots using an ignitor of your choice.

How to Use Your Food Truck Generator

This video tutorial takes you through the process of firing up your food truck generator and turning on the electricity. The generator in this tutorial is the Ultra-Quiet 7000i ES Honda. Your generator will depending on the type of food truck you have and your specific power requirements. In a typical mobile kitchen a 7000W generator is enough, but for coffee trucks or ice cream trailers you may need more depending on the equipment you have. Steps for using your food truck generator:

  • Unlock generator drawer, open and hook door latch to keep the for open
  • Push tabs in left and right corners to release generator
  • Gently pull generator out so it is fully extended to exhaust properly. Be careful of pinch points. You’ll hear the generator “click” into place.

Important: Generator must be extended out of box when in use

  • If fuel is required, you can fill it from the top of the generator
  • Take your 30 or 50 amp twist lock female end and plug into food truck, making sure it locks into place
  • connect male end of twist lock to generator, give it a gentle twist to lock in place
  • Ensure all settings are correct. Turn on generator!
  • Go into truck, open electrical panel and turn on main breaker. Each appliance has their own switch, if you don’t need something to be on you can leave it switched off to conserve amperage
  • Turn on the lights!