Frequently Asked Questions

Will you pay for my trip, I would like to come to see your factory & meet your staff?

Absolutely, we want to meet you too. If you are serious about investing with us, we will pay your full cost of tickets or gas plus a hotel, if needed. Just ask us.

May I call the boss directly if needed?

Yes, Will is our CEO and Top Dog. He will be glad to hear from you 24/7. His personal cell is 613-483-4331 and his Email is

How long have you been in business?

We have had 28, very interesting years and going strong. Among our top managers, we enjoy 57 years of experience.

How much does a typical build cost?

Containers (sea cans) start at about $30,000.00
Trailers start at about $40,000.00
Trucks start at about $55,000.00

Do you have financing?

Yes, we work with various finance companies, which we have found to be good. We are happy to refer you. You may also try your own bank if you have a good working relationship with them. Other possibilities are possibly crowd funding or family. Interests rates you pay will vary depending on how much you put down, the term of the loan, how risky your lender thinks you are, etc.

How much do I need to put down to get work started?

We prefer to have an initial deposit of 50% however at times we are able to start with a 30% deposit. The balance is usually paid when your build is completed. Payment is made by bank transfer, money order or cashiers check and in some cases, credit card.

Once I place my order what can I expect?

Work starts the moment the deposit is received. We will then allocate your specific vehicle and bring in whatever custom appliances and fixtures you may require. We provide ongoing progress photos of your build and you will be in regular contact with our staff to help design art, logos, etc. And remember that you are always welcomed to call Will at his personal cell 613-483-4331 or his Email, . We want you to be confident of your investment from beginning till end.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we ship internationally. You are also welcomed to pick up yourself at our factory or arrange your own shipping. We will help you. In some cases we will pay one-way airfare for you to come pick up your truck in person.

What is your warranty?

TRUCK OR VEHICLE: All of our pre-owned trucks are warranted for 6 months. This warranty is free and it covers everything but tires and brake pads. There is a $300.00 deductible per claim and a $3000.00 cap per claim. You may make as many claims as you need during the period. We may require you to get 3 quotes on a given claim and we would choose the optimal quote. The warranty hotline is 1-855-405-2324
WORKMANSHIP: All workmanship and equipment manufactured by Venture is covered directly by Venture for 3 years. If warranty repairs are required on a specific part or on any workmanship, you must notify us. The unit or part can be brought to Venture and we will fix or replace it with no fuss, or at our discretion you will hire a professional locally to fix it locally. We may need you to work with us on finding the right professional and we make the final decision on who it is.
APPLIANCES AND EQUIPMENT: All the appliances and other equipment in the trucks is covered by a factory warranty, by the manufacturer. It is usually a 1 year to 3 years warranty. All owner’s manuals are included in our master owner’s manual that we include with your build. Just call the manufacturer directly. NO ONE IN THE INDUSTRY HAS A BETTER WARRANTY
You may CALL WILL, THE CEO, FOUNDER & TOP DOG, ANY TIME: 613-483-4331 or Email him at

Will this build meet all the health, safety, fire and other codes?

Yes, absolutely. We always build to the highest known standards in USA and Canada. Sometimes codes and rules change so if you feel there are other standards that we need to know about make sure you advise us before we start your build. If you provide us with your local health department requirements we will make sure your truck or trailer meets all codes and regulations.

Do your trucks, trailers and containers meet N.S.F requirements?

Yes. Our products meet if not exceed all N.S.F (National Sanitation Foundation) requirements.

Do I have to have a fire suppression system?

Maybe not, your local health inspector may say you don’t need fire suppression, it is best to check with the Fire Marshall as they have higher jurisdiction. A fire suppression unit is an emergency extinguishing system in which nozzles are placed each piece of cooking equipment with an open flame. If the temperature exceeds a certain point, a dry powdered chemical is dispersed and the gas is automatically shut off. The system also comes with a K-class fire extinguisher.

How do I know what equipment I will need?

Tell us your menu, needs, and target audience and we will help to design a layout for your truck, trailer, or container to maximize workflow and profits.

How do I know what equipment I will need?

Tell us your menu, needs, and target audience and we will help to design a layout for your truck, trailer, or container to maximize workflow and profits.

What are other start up costs?

Other start up costs may be annual licensing; usually from $300.00 and up, your initial costs of product you are marketing and maybe staff unless you are working it yourself.

How long do I wait to get my truck (or container, trailer, vehicle)?

The length of time you wait to receive your food truck depends on the amount of work involved and when you order. Your vehicle can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks. We start to build your food truck as soon as we have a deposit from you.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, you likely will. You may get this through your automotive insurer, your home owner’s insurer, or a specialist. We can also refer you to other insurers we know to be fair and good. Insurance ranges from $1000.00 up per year depending on the type of truck and your driving record.

What year is the truck or vehicle?

We will get you any year you like. The prices vary by year obviously. We prefer to work with vehicle newer than 2006 but it is you who makes the decision. We usually have about 2 dozen vehicles in stock at any time. We are also licensed truck dealers and can buy great vehicles at wholesale from around the world.

Do you rent trucks, containers or trailers?

Yes, we have short term leasing and rentals for periods of from 6 weeks and more. The vehicle would be branded to your needs and equipped to your needs whatever your needs are. Rental costs are from about $2500.00 weekly and up. Rentals include insurance, a 24/7 live help line and more. It is a great opportunity to get your brand out there.

Do you build experiential marketing trucks?

Absolutely, just let us know what your needs are. We have helped companies around the world to put their name and products in front of millions of people. Nutella, Folgers, Telus, Subway, Beaver Tails, Bell, Humber College are just a few of our clients.