Venture Food Trucks will help you get the mobile unit that perfectly suits your needs. We have many options :

Food trucks – The most popular mobile unit we build. Food Trucks are perfect if you plan on doing a combination of special events and curbside catering. They are self-contained, and you are able to travel in one vehicle with everything you need. Food truck sizes start at 12’ and go up to 24’ before you require a special license.

Concession trailers – Concession trailers have their benefits as well. While trailers must be towed, they can be great for busy permanent locations or markets (instead of a tent or stall). Insurance is generally lower on a trailer than on a food truck and the start-up costs are less (trailers are less expensive than trucks). Trailer sizes start at 8’x10’ and go from there. We also offer custom porch trailers for smokers.

Custom Shipping Container Kitchens (or bars) – These awesome units are great for building a fixed location kitchen or bar. Size options are 20’ or 40’. We can do anything with these very customizable units, including building a patio on the roof, or a drop down seating area.

Specialty Vehicle – This includes school buses, Air Streams, Citroen H vans, Sprinters, Double Decker Buses etc. If you have a custom vehicle, OR need one sourced, let us know. We can put a commercial kitchen in anything!

It is normal to have many ideas and questions on what the best vehicle selection for you would be. To get started with a quote, please fill out our online “Build a Truck” form here: We will get back to you within 24 hours with a detailed quote.

While filling out the Build a Truck” form, some people may find that we do not have an option for specialty items they are looking. We encourage you to call our 1-800 number to talk to one of our food truck specialists. We can get appliance quotes on any custom item you require.

Another purchasing factor is, understandably, the price. Our custom mobile units start at approximately $50 000.00 and go up from there. We will work with you to get your food truck within a realistic price point that gives you maximum quality (our promise to you). Talk to one of our customer service specialists, who will be happy to give you as many options as you require and as many proposals as you need.


It is the Venture Food Trucks team commitment to our customers that each mobile food unit is built to the highest standards.

Speedy Delivery

In the food truck industry, being prepared for the start of the season is crucial. We build on strict deadlines and can flat bed or deliver your truck to your door anywhere in the world.

24/7 Support

We have a skilled team of people who will assist you with your food truck purchase and support you and your business for years to come.