This is a 16’ BBQ truck with a commercial smoker installed in it. Operating in Toronto, this food truck is equipped to smoke meet on site as well as prep unique dishes. A back door has also been installed to promote a cross breeze in the truck during hot summer days when the smoker is going! For more information on Smoker trucks, get in touch with us – we know some experts who can get you on the right path! 


  • Fast Eddy’s Smoker
  • 36” commercial char broiler
  • 40 lb fryer
  • 2 burner stove top
  • Upright stainless steel commercial fridge
  • 2+1 compartment sink
  • Stainless countertop and shelving 
  • 10 000KW generator in slide out drawer
  • 50 amp service
  • Backdoor with screen
  • Insulated and lined with stainless steel