Modular Disaster Relief containers

Modular Disaster Relief containers are a practical solution in a variety  of medical and natural disaster situations. Bring mobile testing and treatment  centres to any location no matter how remote, and increase your ability to provide medical care where it is needed most.

NEWS As outbreaks of COVID-19 are increasingly reported all over, hospitals, and universities will need to even better prepare themselves for increased demand for on-site testing and treatment of people requiring immediate medical attention for possible COVID-19 infection. We are all in this together, and Venture Food Trucks wants to do our part during this very challenging time. 

We have extended our product line to include Modular Disaster Relief containers,which will allow those requiring immediate testing and possible treatment to be tested in an efficient, site-specific manner while also reducing stress on the hospital and patients.

Benefits of Modular Disaster Relief Containers:

Can be placed where the need lies: hospital parking lot, campus, etc.
We bring the container directly to you, and off load it into the exact location you require it to be in. Whether you have limited space or not, we will ensure the container is positioned exactly where it needs to go.

Ready for immediate use 

Containers can be put into action immediately. We provide all necessary electrical and water hook ups and so you can connect on-site to the available power source. If the unit is to be placed where there are no services we can prepare them with their own power  and water storage tanks. They come ready to go…… just plug & play. Container lead-time is short – just 1 to 3 weeks to complete depending on the equipment required.

Mobile and self-contained 

These units are an excellent option to be placed in a parking lot or near a hospital as an additional medical testing centre. Everything you require is within the container and if you need got move it from one site to another, this can be easily done with a flat bed. For remote locations, water supply and electrical can be built into the container as well.

Customizable for your specific needs 

 There are many options when it comes to customizing a mobile clinic. We can install any medical equipment provided by you, or simply leave  space for the required equipment which you install on your premises. Shelves, counter top, receptacles, sinks and all other features can be placed wherever required.

Drive through or walk-up 

We have options for both drive through and walk up models.  A vehicle can pull right up to the container for a test package, or people can come up by foot. These units are so customizable, you could even have one side of the container for walk up and the other for drive through.

Available for rental or purchase right away 

We have units available, ready to go for both short-term and long-term solutions. Ask us about options for both purchase and rental.