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What start-up costs can I anticipate?
After you have purchased your cart your start-up costs are very simple and easy to calculate beforehand. You will be responsible for your permit and licensing (vary state to state)  your supply costs (these should be fairly consistent) and any potential staff you may be taking on.
Do you have a financing or lay-away plan?

Yes, we work with various finance companies, which can help with your needs.

We also have an in-house interest free layaway plan. With this option, you can do an initial down payment and then do monthly installments in any amount that is reasonable for you. Once we have received the initial payment, you receive your cart right away.

What does the warranty entail? Do I still get a warranty if my truck is used?

 Yes, all of our units are warranted covering parts and labor for defect in material or workmanship arising out of normal usage.  The food equipment in the trucks is covered by a factory warranty by the manufacturer and it is usually a 12 months limited warranty. During the warranty period, if a part should fail due to defect, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge once authorization has been given.
Warranty on all equipment is covered by the specific manufacturer or supplier.
All workmanship and equipment manufactured by Willy Dog is covered directly by Willy Dog. If warranty repairs are required on a specific part or any workmanship, Willy Dog is to be notified of the problem and, upon authorization, the unit or part can be brought to Willy Dog or the nearest part supplier or fabrication facility depending on repair required. Willy Dog must authorize all work or replacement parts prior to proceeding. Any shipping expense of replacement parts, either from Willy Dog or shipping back to Willy Dog, is paid by the unit owner. Other types of damage but not limited to misuse or abuse are not covered under the warranty of Willy Dog. Willy Dog cannot be held responsible for any loss of business, which may occur due to any part of equipment failure.

We do not offer any warranty on trucks other than that they pass the safety test when sold. Note that safety specifications vary slightly and it is impossible for us to keep abreast and to be tested for every state or province.

How soon can I expect to receive my food truck?

The length of time you wait to receive your food truck depends on two things – the amount of work involved and how you choose to make your payments.
Your food truck can take anywhere between two weeks to refurbish, to 8 weeks to do one from scratch. We start to build your food truck as soon as we have a 50% deposit on the truck.

How can I ensure that I properly meet all the health codes in my area?
We will work closely with you to ensure you meet all the inspections and codes in your area. This involves work on both our parts – you must find out what you need from your health/fire department, and we will ensure that we execute it properly. It is important to consult the required departments before we start construction of your food truck so that you can be up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.
How soon can I start to expect profit?

Right away! Depending on your location and the hours your work, you can fully recover your expenses in only a couple months.

Can I have my truck shipped to me?

Yes, Willy Dog handles all your shipping needs through our local logistics and brokerage companies and we are able to ship anywhere in the world. We crate our products and ship via common carrier or by air/sea to anywhere. We set up all the shipping for you and you pay the logistics company directly for the shipping costs. This will save you money. You will deal directly with the shipping company to track your order.
Even though it is rare, you will deal direct with any damages that may occur while in transit. It is the responsibility of you, the customer, to inspect your unit upon arrival and report any damages immediately to the shipping company, the carrier and Willy Dog. Please record any damages in writing as well as by photo. Willy Dog will deal with all the customs clearances and brokerage so there is no worry about your order crossing the border. Willy Dog also covers the costs of the brokerage fees.

Once I confirm my order, what should I expect?

After you pay by credit card, wire transfer, or money order we start on your truck right away. We will keep you up-to-date with the progress of your food truck. Throughout the entire process, communication is key. We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

I’m working on a budget. How can I keep costs minimal?

We will never try to squeeze you for every penny. We are sensitive about budgets and money and once you establish what your budget is, we will work within that. If we can do it for less money at the same quality, we promise to always do so.

Do you rent carts?
No, we do not rent carts.