5 Key Factors to Consider when choosing your Food Truck Wrap Design

Posted by fitahbaz

Food Truck Wraps are a Moving Billboard

One of the most important things to consider when you start your food truck business is investing in the appearance of your mobile unit. Your food truck wrap is a powerful advertising tool that requires careful consideration. This first impression can invite and attract customers to taste your food or get an idea of what your food is all about. An image says a thousand words. The food truck graphic needs to be distinct and descriptive of your culinary style. When it comes to the food truck wrap design we consider five factors:

1. Food Truck Brand Image

The best way to achieve an effective, professional look for your food truck is to hire a graphic designer. In addition, it is recommended that your food truck wrap is designed after you have a clear idea of your brand and the message that it carries. Some of the vehicle wrapping companies offer graphic design services or you can hire someone else, especially if you have a certain design style in mind. The important elements to consider in creating your brand image are:

a. Logo: As it is described in the dictionary is “A symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products” and it’s the first piece of your image brand. It includes your name and represents the type of product that you are offering.

b. Color: Each brand has its own colour or colours (usually two or three different colors) which can be used on the logo as well as on the truck. The color of your mobile unit can be an important element for your food truck so it stands out from its surrounding.

c. Readability of the text while the truck is moving and from close or far distances: You should consider that the graphics on your food truck wrap is a huge advertisement in motion, therefore, the font and size of the letters should be easy

to read both from far and close distances. You should prioritize the information that you want to deliver to your customers with changing the size and the type of fonts.  Avoid confusing your customers with poor readability or excessive detail.

2. Night and day appearance

Food trucks can look different depending on the time of day. Your food truck graphic is always going to be visible in the day, but it also should be visible at night. There need to be proper lighting techniques in the design and other techniques to make the graphics visible at night.

3. The Service Window, Vents, Propane tanks, and other cutouts

The wrap of the truck must be placed according to the actual truck measurements. For example, you should not place an important piece of information on your service window cover, because when the window is open, that writing/image will not be seen.

a. Cat’s Whiskers: These are Venture Food Trucks signature advertising piece to really make your food truck pop. It is your logo, mounted on the roof of your truck (like a marquee). These are included on every truck that we build. Please see the picture below for a sample of one of the cat’s whiskers we’ve made for one of our clients.

b. A dramatic effect with canopy: There are a different kind of canopies available to our customers. These canopies can create an interesting effect. We have an example of this from a client we served last year, who owned 5 restaurants in Qatar. The canopy used for their truck represents the climate in Qatar, as well as creating a dramatic look for the truck.

4. Banner Advertising

As we mentioned before the food truck wrap can work as a huge advertising sign or banner. In conclusion, this banner can create thousands of impressions while the truck is moving.

5. Digital Display Boards

Digital boards will increase your overall sales when they’re used properly. You can have your daily specials or your signature food or seasonal menu advertised through slideshows. For example, some of our customers even show sports or TV shows so that their customers can be entertained while waiting for their tasty meal!

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