The Relevancy of Marketing Trucks Today

Posted by fitahbaz

I was pleased and a little bit surprised when I saw the advertisement, for Royale paper towel come on TV the other day. Paper towel, a commonly used product, is being used in a marketing truck to demonstrate its effectiveness!

“Food Trucks” have existed for decades (who hasn’t enjoyed fries at a chip truck), picked up speed in the few years, and very recently become completely mainstream. The Royale ad is a testament to that. Not everyone owns a food truck – most people don’t – but it’s interesting, fresh and everyone knows what they are.
Thanks to the redefined use of food trucks, a new way of advertising has emerged. Companies are turning to these rolling billboards to demonstrate their products in nationwide mobile tours and using marketing trucks to do advertising blitzes that really are effective. If you think an experiential advertising truck might work for your business, get in touch with us!

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