The Perfect Food Truck Layout

Posted by fitahbaz

As someone who works in food truck manufacturing, one of the most asked questions I receive is “Can you provide me with a food truck layout?” This is so important. No food truck build is started without a carefully drafted floor plan, to ensure our customers are satisfied. In smaller kitchen spaces, it is imperative that every square inch is used with purpose.

3 Important Factors in Food Truck Layout

The layout you choose for your food truck build depends on three factors:   Kitchen flow, the size of the appliances, and balance.

If you spend time working in a kitchen you probably have a pretty firm idea of the flow you want, especially during peak times. Our team will accommodate your ideal layout to the best of our abilities. We are also happy to offer feedback if we feel it will improve the setup. The Venture Food Trucks team spends a lot of time working with these trucks. We can help you design around wheel wells, service window, gas lines, etc.

Another important factor is the size of the appliances in your custom food truck. Convection ovens, pizza ovens, large prep tables, and appliances that have doors require a large amount of space and require careful consideration during the layout process. Generally, these large pieces of equipment go toward the back of the truck. Here, they do not interfere with serving the customers or the wheel wells on the inside.

Lastly, we consider the overall balance of a layout. Gas appliances tend to go under the hood along the back wall where there is more space than the service window side. We then consider the weight of these appliances, and how to create good balance. Often, we put sinks and fresh/grey water tanks opposite the cooking equipment, and put refrigeration appliances away from the wheel wells, so they can be at the appropriate and not raised up.

These 3 factors (and many more) are considerations that you and the skilled Venture team, will consider together to manufacture your dream custom food truck or concession trailer!