5 Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your Food Truck

Posted by fitahbaz

If you are buying a food truck, you should consider these 5 important factors:

Know your audience and give them a product they’ll love 

When you are deciding on your food truck menu, it is important to consider 3 things: What is the community lacking, what people love, and what you are great at preparing.

For example, if many trucks already serve poutine, then it would be a good idea to serve something unique that is also your specialty. We like to say, “Do one thing well!” By this we mean choose what you’re good at, and make it amazing!

Research is also beneficial. Do a trial cooking run with friends and family and see what food items they love, or ask your Facebook community what kind of food they would want to be served from a food truck.

Max's Restaurant Food Truck
  • Have a great location 

This might be the most important decision you make when you are buying a food truck. Will you park your mobile food business at a busy lunch location or bar? What about special events and festivals? Or a combination of both? Wherever it may be, a captive audience is essential. Lots of foot traffic, office buildings/construction site with limited lunch options and special events are all excellent options. Check with your city hall for information on zoning and locations.

  • Come up with a budget plan 

Before you pull the trigger on a custom food truck or trailer, make sure you understand the costs associated with starting your new business. These costs include Food, insurance, gas, truck maintenance, rent/vendor application fees, staff, and paying yourself too!

This may sound daunting, but it’s really just a way to be prepared to make sure you do the best you can with your mobile business. Being your own boss is great!

  • Ask every question you want, as many times as you want 

Venture Food Trucks has a unique staff ready to help you through the buying process. We offer both technical and industry knowledge.

We have started our own mobile food businesses as well and we know the ins and outs. Our staff will patiently guide you through the process, answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable purchasing a food truck or trailer.

  • Know Your Options

This point builds off the value of asking us (and other people in the biz) as many questions as you need. Maybe a brand-new truck equipped with state-of-the-art equipment isn’t in your budget right now, but that’s okay – there are many ways to get your truck up and running!

We offer solutions for all budgets – bring your own truck, or your own appliances (new or used) and have Venture complete the installations. You can supply your own generator, or rent one when only when you need it. If you need financing, we can point you in the right direction.  We also recommend checking out which grants are available in your area to give you an extra financial boost.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful for you if you while you are in the planning stage of purchasing a food truck. Please feel free to comment below any other tips you have or questions for getting started. If you want to talk more about your mobile food concept, call Venture Food Trucks at 1.855.405.2324 or email us at info@venturefoodtrucks.com. If you are ready to request a quote, follow this link for our online “Build a Food Truck” form  Build a Food Truck