Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

Venture Food TruckThere are no stupid questions. But sometimes your most basic fears are not big problems at all. Here are a few common questions answered by Will CEO + Top Dog at Venture Food trucks. If you have other questions please feel free to contact me at will@yourit.info  .

Do you need a license for a food truck?

Food truck businesses may require several licenses or permits to operate. These licenses and permits must be obtained before you open for business. The most commonly required licenses are health, business and location permits.
We build your truck to make getting all these permits easy.

Can you park anywhere with a food truck?

Not generally, while you may be mobile, you can’t park just anywhere. Most areas limit food trucks and trailers to specific locations. A list of where you can and can’t park is available from the city hall. There may be a differentiation between private and city-owned locations. So don’t give up just because a clerk says no. They often don’t know the rules so don’t be afraid to ask several clerks in different days and average the answers.

Do you have to have a special license to drive a food truck?

No, not unless the truck weighs over a certain amount. Generally over 12,000 lbs, depending on state or province. Getting an upgraded license usually means simply doing an easy written test. Don’t fret.

How much does it cost to get a vendor’s license?

Fees will vary from about $100.00 a year to about $1000.00 yearly. Call city hall. They can tell you.

f you have any other questions please contact Will at will@yourit.info