5 Benefits of Starting a Food Truck for Restaurants

Posted by fitahbaz

Help Your Restaurant Grow with a Food Truck

Frequently, food trucks have been the stepping stone for a future brick and mortar restaurant dream. Opening a food truck needs much less investment than starting a restaurant. Recently, however, we have seen an increase in the opposite – restaurants are starting to get into food truck business. Also, the large chain restaurants and food brands have been using the food trucks as a marketing tool. To name the few, in the last few years we have had clients like Subway, Western Family, Nutella, Cavendish Farms, Benny & Co use food trucks to promote their brick and mortar locations.

There are obvious reasons why Food Trucks are a great way to encourage people into the Restaurant counterparts:

  1. Low overhead and initial cost compared to opening another location
  2. Further customer reach, triggering word of mouth in a community
  3. Different locations, more exposure opportunity
  4. Use of the mobile unit both for advertising and extra income
  5. Leveraging your restaurant kitchen space

Low overhead and initial cost compared to opening another branch

Expanding to a new location and starting a location can be a dream for a restaurant owner wanting to grow their business, but it has its own problems and obstacles. The main concern is committing to pay the fixed and variable costs, plus a huge initial investment. Whereas, with food trucks, the initial cost is much less and the fixed cost is depending on the operation of the truck. Additionally, the food truck and its appliances are considered as a commercial asset and are easier to resell.

Further Customer Reach

The mobility of food trucks is giving the opportunity to the owner to reach more customers, resulting in direct interaction with a wider audience. More people can know about your restaurant and your food truck, and people will spread the word!

Different locations, more exposure opportunity

Targeting music festivals, community events, and art shows (a few of many great locations for food trucks) is a great way to increase exposure of your business and be where your customers are.

Use of the mobile unit both for advertising and extra income

A food truck can work not only as a commercial kitchen but also as an advertising banner that introduces your brand. Every time you drive your food truck, it functions as a mobile banner for your business!

Leveraging your restaurant kitchen space

With using your restaurant kitchen for prep work, the food truck can carry the final product. This will help your team create the perfect workflow and maximize efficiency in both the restaurant and the food truck.

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