How to market your business using key food truck apps

Posted by Niki Hodgskiss

Amazing technology

The US has over 25,000 food truck businesses, and developers have developed several applications to assist them. When you market your food truck through a food truck app, you will reach potential customers specifically searching for a food truck to eat at and/or are interested in your local food truck scene. Find out how to market your food truck business using key food truck apps.

Roaming Hunger

In North America, Europe, and China, Roaming Hunger is the leading food truck app. Food truck vendors can register on the Roaming Hunger Food Truck Finder and share their information with local patrons using their Roaming Hunger Dashboard. In addition, Roaming Hunger provides catering and event opportunities for food truck vendors. Roaming Hunger’s offer page can be updated to include specials, providing an incentive for hungry foodies browsing Roaming Hunger to choose your food truck.
Food truck vendors in many major American cities can access the WTF App (Where’s The Foodtruck). We share your exact location, facilitate in-app ordering, connect you to catering and events, and promote your food truck.

In Conclusion…

Food truck apps are available in most major cities to attract the attention of local customers. The only way to become a pillar within the local food truck market is to build strong relationships within your local community by investigating local food truck apps. It makes sense to advertise yourself on the New York Street Food (NYSF) app if, for example, you operate a food truck in New York City.