Venture Food Trucks Expands Product Line to Include Medical Testing Containers

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

In the past month, our lives have completely changed as we adapt to Covid-19. Keeping our own community, and beyond, safe and healthy is the top priority in these challenging times. It is truly heartwarming to see everyone do container clinictheir part. Many companies have stepped up to introduce new products that can have a positive impact in the fight against Coronavirus. At Venture Food Trucks, we have started manufacturing disaster relief containers as a solution to keep nurses protected and minimize the impact on overcrowded medical facilities

Disaster relief containers for Covid-19 are built in shipping containers and can be placed anywhere for drive-thru or walk-up testing. The relief containers will reduce the stress on hospitals and patients by creating a safe, clean environment for testing outside of existing medical centres. Each container can be completely self-sufficient or be connected to existing hydro. They are built to spec depending on the needs of each testing center. The units are available for immediate delivery.  If the container needs to be relocated from one part of a city to another city, state, or province this can be done quickly and easily. As needs change and coronavirus subsides, the containers can be repurposed to suit other needs. disaster relief containers

We are all in this together, and we will get through it. Do you know of any businesses offering unique products or services that help right now? Leave a comment below! If you want more information on our medical relief containers, please contact us today.