Creating a Healthy and Profitable Menu

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What to Include in Your Food Truck Menu

One important part of your food truck business plan is creating the perfect menu. Planning a menu that is diverse, but at the same time simple, can be challenging. You also have to consider that the limited space of a food truck kitchen doesn’t give you the freedom of a traditional commercial kitchen. An ideal menu is exciting and trendy and fits the concept of street food. An interesting approach to the cuisine that you are offering will increase the “buzz” around your food truck, and have your customers snapping pics of your menu item and sharing them online!

These are important factors in planning a food truck menu:

  • Limited menu items
  • Choose food items that are quick to prepare
  • Use the same items to prepare different menu options
  • Find a unique concept
  • Know how much every item on your menu costs
  • Add seasonal items that follow your main food truck niche to the menu
  • Promote your high-profit food on Social media

Your food truck must be well planned and equipped with the appliances that you need for preparing your menu items. If you want more information on this, check out our blog on choosing the right equipment for your truck:

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