Turn a FedEx Style Truck to a Food Truck

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What are your options when you want to purchase a food truck?

After you decide to go ahead with a food truck business, there are many different vehicle options to choose from. New or used, trailer, retro vehicle, or step van. If you decide to go with a step van style truck, chances are, you will be going with a new or used FedEx style truck! With Venture Food trucks, you have the option of supplying your own vehicle or using one supplied by us.

In this post, we focus on how you can build a commercial kitchen in a FedEx style truck.

1- Conduct an inspection of the vehicle prior to purchase.

The used vehicle needs to be up to your jurisdictions’ safety standards.

2-Choose the type of commercial kitchen that you want to build in your truck.

Will you have the gas cooking equipment or only electrical?

3- Make a list of the equipment and appliances you need to include in your Food truck.


You can use our food truck builder to get an idea of the appliances that you can include in your truck.

4-Choose the proper generator.

If you have many electrical appliances, you will need to choose a generator that can handle your electrical requirements.

5-Create a technical floor plan

including the appliances, work area, and storage area.

6- Take out any shelving,

or materials that may have been left in the FedEx from its prior purpose.

7- Leave the rest up to us.

the truck is ready to be turned into a food truck! Time to insulate and line the walls, install appliances, gas and electrical! This process generally takes 6-8 weeks.

Just bring your FedEx style truck and we make sure that we will turn it into a full-fledged food truck. If you have any question give us a call at 1.855.405.2324 or visit us at https://venturefoodtrucks.com


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