How to Find Great Special Events

Special Events are a profitable source of income for food truck businesses. They work not only as a lucrative business but also as a marketing tool. Your food truck can be very successful at the right event, and also spread word about your business. However, finding an event or catering opportunity can be challenging. What event is right for you, how much it costs to participate, and what time of year are all factors, among other things.

Here are some tips for finding the right events for you:

  1. Do some research into each event before committing: Who the audience is, what other vendors, and how your food truck complements the event are all very important factors
  2. Be cautious of first-time events. Sometimes, first-time events can be disorganized and poorly attended. This is another opportunity to do research to make sure it is worth your time and investment.
  3. Plan far in advance and keep your eye on event websites. The most well-run events post food vendor applications months in advance.
  4. Look into social media like Facebook to find preplanned events. Nowadays social media is a good source of information for finding out about future events.
  5. Register on websites such as Roaming Hunger that automatically match your food truck with catering events happening around your area.
  6. Get involved in your area’s event and gathering planning committees, for first dibs on great events.

In this post, we gave you a sneak pick of the sources that you can proactively use to get into events. Although, only knowing how to find the events is not enough and completing the application and planning for these gatherings has its own process. We would like to discuss these subjects in our future posts.

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