How to Create a Food Truck Brand for Beginners

Posted by fitahbaz

Food Truck Brand Image Elements

Defining a food truck brand is as important as any other businesses. You can offer the best food but without an identity, you will only have a limited number of customers. Although having a logo is important, that is only part of branding your business. To create your brand, you should ask these main questions from yourself: How do you want your customers to define your food truck? What is the type of cuisine that you are representing? Who are your customers? What is the image that you want to reflect?

Mission Statement:

After asking all the main questions and brainstorming, it’s time to translate your thoughts into your mission statement. You should consider, your mission statement works as a foundation to build your brand on.


You should choose a colour for your brand. Every colour symbolizes a certain emotion. A colour can inspire a reaction and activate an appetite. You should use this colour strategically, on your food truck, on your logo, on your social media platforms… in order to create consistency and unity in your brand.


The food truck brand name should stand for what your food truck business is offering.


Your logo plays an important role in your food truck brand. It should be relevant, versatile, scalable, memorable, and communicate your brand. As we explained in our previous post your food truck wrap functions as a huge banner. Your Food truck logo is the main part of this banner. Therefore the logo needs to be readable from a distance and when the food truck is on the move.

To emphasize your food truck brand you can print your logo on your food truck disposable supplies such as cups, paper bags, and napkins. Many companies use a stamp for recreating their logo on paper supplies to save money.

Food Truck Website and Social Media:

Consider the fact that food trucks are mobile businesses and people need to be kept in the know regarding where you are and when you will be there. Use social media and even a food ordering app as tools to represent your food truck brand and make yourself available to hungry customers.

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