4 Ways to Run your Food Truck Business All Year Round

Posted by fitahbaz

Increasing Your Food Truck’s Yearly Sales

As we have explained in previous posts, there are many advantages to having a food truck business. Low overhead, mobility, higher exposure, further customer reach. One disadvantage, however, is colder temperatures in certain parts of the world. Depending on your location, your food truck sale may drop by 50 percent during the colder months. If this dilemma applies to you, how do you get people interested in your food on a cold day? Read on to find out.

1. Change your food truck menu items to match the season:

Many restaurant or coffee shop franchises do the same thing. They actually have a special set of signature foods for every season. They develop a sense of expectancy for customers for the specific type of food. For example, when fall comes around, we see pumpkin spice everywhere!

2. Take on food catering gigs:

Get in touch with corporations, schools, businesses, and people hosting personal events. The events don’t stop because of the season, and Christmas is a great time to cater to holiday events.

3. Make a solid relation to your food truck business customers:

When you build a firm customer connection they come back to you even when the weather is cold. Promote your fall and winter menu items in your social media so customers can drop by and taste the food.

4. Build a network of businesses for daily lunch plan:

Develop and Deliver a daily lunch plan for the local businesses in your network. You could contact offices to do special catered lunch days, which gives employees something to look forward to and puts money in your pocket. Building a customer base this way can increase your sale during warmer days, as well.

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