Food Truck Business | 7 Step Guide

Posted by fitahbaz

Coffee Rani Food TruckHow to be a Successful Food Truck Business Owner

Starting a food business for people who have a passion for food, cooking and hosting can be challenging. The headache of owning a restaurant can include costly overheads, long hours and staffing issues. On the other hand, a food truck business has various advantages, particularly for start-ups. Of course, starting a food truck has its fair share of obstacles like licensing, health permits, finding the right location, but with preparation and gathering the right information, these difficulties can be overcome. The following are the main steps you should consider before starting your mobile kitchen business:

  1. Coming up with a concept and idea
  2. Acquiring necessary licensing and permits
  3. Getting a Health Permit and Inspection
  4. Choosing the Right Mobile Unit that fits your needs
  5. Getting Financing
  6. Insurance, Location, and Events
  7. Connecting with your customers in real life and on social media

Our expert team will direct you along the way, from the conceptualizing stage to your first day in business and beyond. Visit our Business Guide for detailed information about each step or call us at 1.855.405.232.

Click on our food truck business 7 Step guide to see the Infographic.