Food Trucks All Over the World

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

Food Trucks changed not only the culinary landscape of North America but also around the world. Over the last decade, large cities have been joining the food truck movement. They are everywhere from the UK to Germany to Dubai even in Iran.

In Dubai, an event organized by ATEX International Exhibitions provides a platform for Food Truck manufacturers and suppliers. They meet investors, operators and industry professionals and also free-to-attend workshops on starting up your own mobile F&B outlet business during the even.

Tehran is getting into the food truck craze with the local municipality offering an entire street to the growing industry. Now you can enjoy an evening down on 30 Tir Street near the National Museum of Iran and enjoy a delectable mix of different cuisines.

The London Food Truck Festival will be London’s largest get-together of food trucks ever! Set in various locations throughout the capital, feeding hungry Londoners and offering an experience, unlike anything London has seen before.

In Germany, Every Sunday, in this 19th Century brewery, restored during the ’90s and converted into a cultural center used for various kinds of events, street food is celebrated with many of the best food trucks in Germany.
It’s so interesting to see all the unique vehicles being used for mobile food all around the world! Seeing these vehicles can give inspiration for your food truck world dreams!

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