How to Create Food Trucks Social Media Campaigns?

Posted by fitahbaz

5 Steps to Maximize Your Food Truck’s Customer Reach with Social Media

It is a fact that social media has a big impact on businesses today.  Food truck businesses also should take advantage of this huge potential. Food truck owners are busy and may not know how to use this powerful tool on a professional level. The good thing is that in today’s world we have all had a taste of these websites that allow people to communicate and share information on the internet by using their laptop or mobile. Using these tools for a Food truck business is different than personal use. You can fire up your food trucks social media campaigns by following these 5 steps.

Step 1- What do you want to accomplish with your food truck social media? 

Finding the real reason of your effort can change your food truck marketing strategy. For example, if you would like to inform your customers about the location of your food truck, you can link your Foursquare account to your Facebook and Twitter profile, so every time you check-in somewhere, your food truck friends and followers see it.

Step 2- What is the best time to post on social media, and how much time should you spend on it?

Your Social media effort would not create a result unless if you put a consistent effort. That means setting up a specific dedicated time in your daily routine food truck activity.  Consistency is the key. Find out on what time of the day your post reach more target audiences. This can be done through an initial testing period and checking the insight section of your social media.

Step 3- Who would be responsible for your daily posts?

Specifying a person to post regularly can help ensure your social media efforts are consistent and beneficial. When you post regularly and customers know what to expect, they will tune in more.

Step 4- How can you leverage the effect of food truck social media campaigns?

Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Foursquare account can be connected so when you post on one, it will show up on the other ones. Connecting these accounts can multiply the power of your work and ensure you have lots of content across all your social accounts. Another way to use social media to its full potential is to get your audience involved! Come up with a hashtag, get people sharing pictures of your awesome food, and host online contests that encourage followers to share your page with their friends! Nothing beats word of mouth advertising, so if people share your food pictures online, or recommend to their friends you are ahead of the game!

Step 5- What social media is the most effective for your mobile food business?

The point of using social media is to drive customers to your mobile food business and increase sales. Use social media as a powerful business tool. Each social media has its own language to speak with the target audience. For example, you can use Instagram to impress your followers with the pictures of your food, Twitter to broadcast a new menu of the day, Foursquare to inform of your new location, Facebook to promote of your food with different picture albums and YouTube to attract your customers with sharing your recipes.

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