4 Interesting Food Truck ideas That Makes Your Truck Stand out

Posted by fitahbaz

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In our previous blog, we touched the basics of maximizing your food truck revenue through a checklist. In this post, we would like to go in detail about how food truck ideas can attract customers. Traditionally, food trucks serve fries and hotdogs and fast foods, but not anymore. With the help of new equipment and appliances, food trucks can function as a complete commercial kitchen.  Preparing and cooking an array of food concepts like a vegetarian truck to a sushi truck to a pizza cone truck!

In the new era of the internet, people are more informed and ready to try new food ideas. Thus having a food truck around the corner that sells the high-class food options affordable, can be very attractive for the customers.

We discuss 4 new concepts that can attract more customers

Healthy Food Trend:

It’s been several years that people are becoming more health-conscious. There is a vast amount of information on the internet that encourages and informs people to consume healthy food. Having a food truck with a healthy menu theme can attract a lot of customers.

Ethnical Cuisine:

Having an ethnic cuisine theme that you can prepare and cook skilfully can be a wonderful food truck concept. The fact that you have a mobile kitchen gives you the opportunity to introduce a whole new pallet of taste and texture to your new customers.

Gourmet Food Truck:

Food trucks selling gourmet food items, what can be better than that? Different type of finger foods using high-quality ingredients is a totally different type of food than a food truck carry traditionally. This option would open up a whole new door of opportunity.

Vegan Food menu items:

It is easy to modify some of your menu items for people that are interested in vegetarian cuisine. Adding these items provides you with a wider array of customers. The interest in vegetarian foods is increasing and there would be some people that, although are not fully vegetarian, are leaning toward vegetarian or vegan cuisine for fresh and innovative options.

No matter what culinary avenue you decide to pursue, make sure it is one that you are passionate about and can be an expert in! People will appreciate that you put your heart and soul into each food item you serve out of the truck window.

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