New Build: Skateboard Mobile Boutique – Customized Truck

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

Mobile Boutique

Sometimes we are lucky to get a fun and unique project that is different than any build we have done before! This winter, we had the opportunity to build a mobile shop that specializes in Skateboards and accessories for Nick and Thomas Morley at Driveway Skate Shop.

The mobile boutique is built in a 14’ step van. There are four tempered glass display windows which lets in tons of naturalmobile boutique inside light, wood floors, and white walls. The truck has an air conditioning and heat unit to cool down hot summer days and keep the truck a little warmer in Spring and Fall. There is also a small, quiet Honda generator, which has its own drawer it can be slid in and out of.

Once the truck interior was completed, custom shelving, countertop, and skateboard racks were added.  Exterior graphics were also added after. The finished result of this mobile store is clean and spacious, and in the 14’x7’ interior space it works very well.

As well as having the mobile skateboard shop, the young entrepreneur owners of Driveway Skateshop offer skateboard lessons for youth, host skateboarding events in their community, and have an online shop. If you are in the Halton Hills, Ontario area, be sure to look them up and visit their mobile boutique.

If you are looking to have a mobile retail store or another kind of mobile business, give us a shout. We work with trucks, trailers, shipping containers, and vintage vehicles and we can take on any creative project to bring your vision to reality. Some unique mobile stores include bookstores, clothing shops, art stores, dog grooming and so much more. Reach us at if you would like more information!