Sampling Trucks – a New Way of Creating Meaningful Connections with your Customers

Posted by fitahbaz

Social Media Engagement through Sampling Trucks

The brand-inspired sampling trucks take marketing campaigns to another level. These vehicles combine the power of direct consumer experience with creating a buzz traveling from one spot to another. In addition to arriving at special events and putting products right in their customer’s hands. The sampling trucks are usually built to introduce a new product. These trucks give the opportunity to interact directly with the customers. For example, Nutella marketing truck, built by Venture Food Trucks, aimed to serve the nutty chocolate spread in creative new ways. The effect of such campaigns can be magnified by sharing these tours on social media and engaging more consumers.

This approach combines the traditional power of word of mouth with new ways of marketing. In addition to this technique, trucks give the opportunity to the customers to try the products directly.

Venture Food trucks have been involved in building and renting marketing, advertising, and marketing trucks. Nutella marketing truck, Western Family advertising truck, Folger’s sampling truck and Subway Marketing Truck are only a few experiential marketing campaigns in food trucks that are built for our clients. Please visit our gallery to see more variations and photos of our custom sampling trucks.

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