Shipping Containers Innovative Uses

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

We have recently launched our new product line – customized shipping containers. There are endless possibilities of using shipping containers starting from a custom commercial kitchen to urban farms. The portable freight containers are a solution for the need of extra space. They are flexible and secure and made for modifications. You can use a sea can container individually or as a modular structure. Here are some examples of innovative use of shipping containers:

Stubborn Goat Container Bar

A 20’ custom shipping is the most commonly used size for modifications. This project is a great example of the custom food truck manufacturing Venture Food Trucks is capable of. This container features barn board and stainless steel accents, as well as stylish Edison bulbs. We built a wall so that kegs could be out of the customer’s sight and servers could easily pour beer. The best part of the container… a rooftop patio!


Nandos Kitchen Container (Right)

A fully-fledged Commercial kitchen customized for the Nandos franchise. Therefore when new Nandos locations are being built, the container goes on the property so they can continue serving.

Modular shipping container buildings

The flexibility and weight of the sea can container create an option of stacking these units and create a distinctive look.

Shipping Container Urban Farms

Freight Farms or Urban farms are an inventive way of using the shipping container that adds productivity to innovation. In addition, Freight Farms are compact and let you grow local food, year-round.

 Shipping Container Shops

The modified container pop up shops are a perfect solution for a short term retail event or promotion launch. Because you can make them entirely open so people can walk through them, and add air conditioning, change rooms or anything else!

These were only a few samples of what can be done with a shipping container, call us at Venture Food Trucks with your project idea and we make sure to execute it to the highest standard.