The Importance of Food Photography in Food Truck Marketing

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

food photography
In an environment with a high level of competition, it’s important to showcase your food product to your potential customers through food photography.  Instagram and Facebook are popular social media platforms for showing tasty photos.

In the restaurant industry, professional-looking food photography is a must. They say a picture says a thousand words. They can also tempt the appetites of hungry customers. That’s why big fast-food franchises invest time and money to make sure that their social media and promotional materials have mouth-watering images of the food that they are offering. These pictures not only show the quality of the food but also can highlight some of the food choices of the company. For example, some of these restaurants promote seasonal food items on their drive-through digital boards. A short video or picture of a steamed cup of tea can entice customers to try that menu item. Therefore these pictures not only help you to sell more but also can direct your customer to buy the menu item that you want to sell.

When posting photos, take consideration of lighting, presentation of food, and background. You may also want to include pictures of someone enjoying your menu items. If you have a unique food item, share that regularly so people know that is your signature dish. When it comes to choosing the pictures that you want to put up either on your digital menu board or on your social media, it’s important to choose the best ones – don’t compromise!

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