Video Marketing Made Easy: How to Get the Most Out of Your Videos

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz


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New food truck marketing strategies are breaking through and making their way into the dynamic food truck marketing scenario as the food truck industry becomes more competitive and more innovative. This includes video marketing. Despite being not new, video marketing continues to gain momentum as Youtube becomes the largest video search site, the second most used platform, and Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat all incorporate video into their lives and stories. Food truck marketing with video is a must.

Surely you are wondering how to incorporate videos into the marketing strategy for your food truck as a restaurateur. With this guide, we cover everything you need to know about using videos for food truck marketing, as well as some quick tips on how you can use them.


Video Marketing Should Be Part of Your Food Truck Marketing Plan!

Your food truck marketing goals can reach new heights with the help of videos. The results of video marketing can be as good or better than those of content and image marketing combined. Google estimates that about 50% of web users look for a video before making any purchase decision. Video marketing for food trucks is quite effective in terms of attracting more customers, so it is safe to say that it is quite useful when it comes to securing more business. Listed below are some reasons you should incorporate videos into your food truck marketing plan.

Videos are More Effective

The ability to watch and hear, understand and decipher videos are all involved. When compared to written content, a single image leaves a greater impression, and a video in itself consists of a myriad of images. As a result, videos tend to absorb their audience and stay in their minds. Engaging in video marketing can therefore benefit food trucks in a greater capacity. Make sure you have top-notch food truck videography.

Advertising in the Future

As new strategies emerge in the advertising world, it keeps changing and filtering itself. Startups and well-established companies alike will engage in video marketing more often as it is the next generation of advertising. Grab the attention of potential customers with video marketing for your food truck before this strategy becomes overused and out of date.

Brand personalities are better communicated through videos

The written and visual strategies of marketing are indispensable, but their shortcoming lies in their momentariness. Creating a time-bound persona does not serve a food truck’s purpose as part of what they are selling is ambiance and experience. Along with other features, the videos capture the food truck’s personality and the vibe the restaurateur has built into the food truck’s USP.

Brand images are developed through videos

Video can be an effective way to brand a food truck as well as communicate its personality. Using tools such as lighting and sound, you can create the image you want to portray in a video. You can build a brand image through videos rather than using content and pictures that can still leave room for imagination.

Increasing Engagement

The most common thing we think of when we talk about virality is a video. In recent years, the attention span of the masses has declined significantly, and people prefer to watch videos instead. Videos communicate much more effectively than blogs, they also have a tendency to go viral.

The Benefits of Video marketing for food trucks

Some things to Consider Before Venturing into Video Marketing for Your food truck

As a next step, you need to understand how video advertising works in order to effectively use it for food truck marketing. There are certain things that you must absolutely know before you actually make a video or outsource it.

Types of videos and their distinctions

A wide range of videos dominate the marketing universe, from stories and entertainment to educational and creative. You need to understand the basics of these differences before using one to market your food truck business. Although you cannot limit yourself to just anyone category, and there are even videos which do not fit into any particular one, from the point of view of the audience, you can start with these four basic types of videos. Videos are divided into four basic types, in addition to stories:

  • “What-I-Am-Into” – Almost half of online video viewers watch videos for inspiration or entertainment.
  • “I-Want-To-Know” Videos are watched by 70 percent of millennials as a way to learn.
  • “I-Want-To-Do” Videos. The number of how-to videos has increased 70% over the past year.
  • “I-Want-to-Buy” Videos are viewed by 50% of consumers before they make a purchase.

Various Video Platforms

Not only YouTube, but even social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are adapting to the growing video culture. Therefore, video marketing can be done in multiple ways. Among Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, you have story options; on Facebook and Instagram you have live options, but these are mostly real-time options. Make your website more engaging by having an introductory video or create proper concept videos for your Youtube channel, then post them on other social media platforms.

Planning Your Video Marketing Budget

Last but not least, you have to understand the cost of making a video. Stories and live videos are created in real-time and are therefore largely unscripted. Any smartphone with a decent camera can be used to create them. Depending on the cost, budget and scale of the promotion, you can either go ahead with conceptualized videos with basic understanding or outsource them. Make sure budgeting doesn’t compromise the videography quality.

Using viral videos to market your food truck

The final part of our food truck marketing strategy is how to engage in video advertising. You can either outsource the video to an external video agency or handle it within your team, but you will need to complete certain steps before actually filming the video. Video production for food trucks should be done with an eye toward the aesthetics and the target audience.

Analysis of target audiences

Analyzing your target audience’s behavior is crucial. In this process, you will determine what your target audience thinks and what they’re attracted to in your food truck, as well as what type of videos they prefer to watch, and what platforms they’re active on.

As a food truck’s personality can be determined by its video, don’t you remember? It is important to have the right vibe and image and your customers know it better than you. Consider conducting a customer survey to find out what they think of you and how you can work around it since that is clearly what is attracting them.

Analyze your target audience’s video-centric behavior once that is complete, so that you can understand where to place your video and how to send it. How much time does your target audience spend watching videos, which videos do they share most often, and what kind of content would they ignore? Consider, for instance, a food truck that is a sports bar or club that targets students. Your video content should definitely include stories for all social media platforms, and you should make a video that is vibrant, energetic, and happy. In comparison to a cafe, your focus will be on the experience, music, and social aspect rather than aesthetics, silence, and creative energy.

Platform and Content Matching

Analysis of what content works on which platform is the next step. The best way to promote your food truck is on Snapchat, which carries raw, organic, real-time material. You don’t have to be perfect or have complicated setups to use this app. Instagram and Facebook stories work the same way. It would be great to have live videos showing staff interviews, chef interviews, or just the general workings of your food truck. In order to increase your audience’s loyalty, the funnier and more real they are, the better, since they will believe that they know you.

If you have a concept video, Youtube is ideal, but you should also share it on your website and on your other social media pages based on your target audience’s behavior. Ideally, the video should not exceed 4 minutes. If more time is needed, however, it should not exceed 10 minutes.

Food truck marketing strategies that use videos have completely taken over the market and have become the norm for branding and engaging customers. Take advantage of these tips to get started using videos as part of your food truck marketing strategy.