What can Educational Trucks do for the Education System?

Posted by fitahbaz

An innovative venture for learning real skills

Food trucks are a venue for experiential learning of both business and culinary skills. Educational trucks create an opportunity for students to achieve real-life experience found this part of an active, thriving food industry.

Starting a food truck business can give the students the skills to develop a business from scratch. To sum up, the process includes:

  • Writing a business plan for a food truck business
  • Designing and customizing a mobile commercial kitchen
  • Researching the rules and regulations of operating a food truck business
  • Designing a creative, profitable fresh menu (beneficial for both customers and your business!)
  • Choosing the right appliances depending on the menu
  • Creating a budget plan specific to the type of food served to the customers
  • Experimenting and choosing different recipes
  • Gaining real-time culinary skills
  • Mobile kitchen workflow planning

At Venture Food trucks we have been involved in helping several colleges bring their vision to reality. Above all, we believe that food trucks are classrooms on wheels. One example of this is the Humber College Educational food truck, which has been a successful addition for the culinary program at Humber College for over three years now. Additionally, this 20’ food truck is used to recruit future students – this makes a lot of sense, as competition increases and students want to stay ahead of food trends.

The Humber Food Truck participates at special events Toronto throughout the year and is ran entirely by culinary students of the program. To learn more about the Humber College food truck and their journey click here.

We at Venture food trucks gladly welcome your new ideas. Tell us your vision, and we’ll work closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you need. You can visit our inquiry page to get a free quote or call us at 1.855.405.2324