What is Experiential Marketing?

Posted by fitahbaz

How Food Trucks Can be Part of Your Experiential Marketing Campaign

Engagement Marketing or experiential marketing is a type of promotion that engages customers in experiencing and evaluating a brand. This one to one engagement allows your audience to experience your brand first hand. Therefore driving a higher probability of purchase down the road when they see your product in stores.
experiential marketing truckCoca-Cola is the first company that started the product sampling and experiential marketing in 1886. Using this method, they evolved from a small beverage company into a nationwide brand in 14 years.

Nowadays the experiential marketing goes beyond only food sampling. Technology has opened up many avenues of advancing this method of marketing. Hence, creating different ways of emotional connections with the audience.  No matter what is your experiential marketing strategy, the most important thing is to create maximum engagement with your customers.

Many companies go on cross-country tours, anywhere from 1 month to 6 months. Letting people sample their product at busy festivals and events. For example, in 2015 Nutella Truck Tour featured guest appearances by celebrity chef Stefano Faita. In summer 2018, Leclerc lets people try their famous Celebration cookies by handing out cookies with marshmallows and letting people make S’more sandwiches for free! Both of these trucks were built by Venture Food Trucks.

Vehicles and portable units like pop up shipping containers stores, food trucks, mobile boutiques, and trailers can be customized in many creative ways. From extendable patios, pop-out walls, and beyond, these mobile units can not only be used as a rolling billboard but also a great way to put your product in the hands of potential customers.

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