5 Articles to Read Before you Buy your Food Truck

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

Bytown Bayou Food Truck

Starting a business needs a lot of research, no matter how experienced you are in the industry. A lot of first-time food truck owners experience a huge learning curve as they adapt to the pressures of the food truck industry. In the food truck industry, no day is ever the same. To make your job easier we selected 5 previous blog posts that come handy in buying your food truck.

The 7 Steps of Starting a Successful Food Truck


Starting your own food truck may seem liStartingke a daunting task, with too much planning and large costs to get your dream business off the ground. The key to simplifying this process is set out your plan so there will be no surprises along the way. This plan will act as your foundation and will help you to save on costs wherever you can, and have attainable goals…”

Things to Consider When You Choose a Food Truck Manufacturer


First thing first, you should find a food truck manufacturer that meets your requirements and makes the process as seamless as possible for you. A lot of planning goes into creating your dream mobile kitchen and you need to be able to communicate with your prospective builder…”

How to Maximize Your Food Truck’s Revenue


“Food trucks are a growing trend in North America and around the world. There is a formula for succeeding in this type of business and that’s through a combination of standard quality check on the product you are offering and a lot of hard work. If you forget something you need or come unprepared, you could be wasting time or missing valuable customers…”

Food Truck Budget Plan


Your first and the most expensive item in your budget plan is the purchase of the food truck. Depending on the type of food truck you choose, the price can range anywhere from $70 000 and up. This amount will include the cost of the truck as well as the build of the commercial kitchen, water system, exhaust system, appliances, countertop, and shelving…”

How to Create a Food Truck Brand for Beginners


Defining a food truck brand is as important as any other businesses. You can offer the best food but without an identity, you will only have a limited number of customers. Although having a logo is important, that is only part of branding your business…