What Type of Mobile Kitchen is Right for You?

Posted by fitahbaz

What Type of Mobile Kitchen is Right for You?

When you buy a food truck you should consider several essential factors. Whether you buy a new truck or a used one, it is crucial that the commercial mobile kitchen is laid out according to your needs. Not all the kitchens are the same. The required appliances are based on the type of food you are serving.

The main 8 factors to look for are:

  1. Truck or Trailer

Deciding between a truck vs a trailer is based on the amount of your initial investment and your specific situation. Trucks tend to be more mobile, and better for curbside locations. They also are very trendy right now. Trailers, on the other hand, are overall more cost-effective. (Lower start-up costs, and lower insurance rates). Food Trailers are great for special events where you can be parked for multiple days and not have to worry about driving at the end of the day.    

  1. Used Food Truck or New Food Truck

The decision between a used food truck or a new food truck comes down to budget. While a used food truck can initially save money, it is important to be aware of “buying someone else’s headaches”. If you buy an old, used food truck you risk spending money after the initial purchase bringing the truck up to health, safety, and fire codes. When you customize a new food truck you can choose the year/mileage of the vehicle, type of equipment and appliances, floor plan, and warranty.

  1. Gas or Electric

What are you preparing in your truck? You may not need gas appliances. Smoothie, panini, and coffee trucks tend to be all-electric, while grilling and frying are often better suited for the propane option. Either way, your truck will require electrical for the hood, fire suppression and refrigeration.

  1. Type of Appliances

The different appliances that you need in your food truck are strictly based on the type of food you are planning to serve. For example, a salad bar truck would not need the same appliances that a French fry trailer needs.

  1. Essential Accessories

The storage and prep area in a food truck are two important areas that need to be equipped with proper shelving and standard working stations that are placed properly on the food truck floor plan. We also recommend display cases, retractable awnings, and maybe even an exterior sound system to draw in your customers.

  1. Meeting the Requirements

Before you start your build, make sure you check in with local electrical, gas, and health inspectors to ensure you are on the right path to getting licensed in your area. Gas rules tend to differ slightly from State to State, Province to Province. It will save you precious time to ensure your truck meets the codes before it gets to you, and you will avoid making costly changes to the truck before you get into the business.

  1. Proper Floor Plan

Food truck kitchens are small. These mobile kitchens need a proper floor plan that it is designed based on the workflow, including different steps of producing the food, from food preparation, cooking and serving the food.

  1. Necessary Permits

The required permits for different locations are not the same. Please confirm what you need to have a food truck and where you can operate. A great place to start is your City Hall. They will point you in the right direction.

We at Venture food trucks will help you to decide and build the best truck suitable for your special needs. Contact Niki at niki@venturefoodtrucks.com or visit https://venturefoodtrucks.com/build-a-food-truck.html to get a free quote.