What Would You Do Differently About Your Food Truck Build? Options that Food Truck Owners Wish They Knew They Needed

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

food truck build
Every year at the end of the season, we get a handful of calls from clients who ask us about certain upgrades and food truck builds. They wish they had, but either didn’t consider to be crucial at the time or didn’t have their finances in place.  Some of the top options that people wish they had include:

Air conditioning

In can get incredibly hot in a food truck! We all know what the hottest day of the summer feels like – multiply that by 10 in a food truck!  An air conditioning will take the edge of the sweatiest of food truck days and make food prep in the truck much more comfortable.

LED Screen 

People LOVE watching things! LED screens are a fun, attention-grabbing way to present your menu items and mouth-watering food pictures to your customers. At Venture Food Trucks, we can install any size screen you want, built into a stainless frame with tempered glass to protect it from the elements.

New York Sky Light

The huge, peaked skylight adds sophistication to a food truck build and lets natural light in for your staff. Customers will comment on the unique style as they can see the skylight when they walk toward your mobile business. Skylights work particularly well for dessert trucks and mobile boutiques.

Drink Display 

A beautiful drink display that extends the length of your service window presents drink options in an appealing way and customers can look at their options while they wait in line.  The drink display encourages customers to purchase a beverage when they might not have if they couldn’t see what is available to them.

Exterior Lighting

While this is a small upgrade, it makes a big difference for music festivals, weddings, and other events that go into the evening. At Venture Food Trucks, we do recommend you consider this option. You won’t regret being able to shine some line on your customers as they wait in line!

While it is easier to get these upgrades at the beginning of the build, we are also able to do them for you at the end of the season! Get in touch with us if you have any questions.