Why You Should Never Close Shop on a Rainy Day

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

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You’re getting ready for a day in the food truck, and the forecast calls for rain.  Downer, right? You might want to take the day off – but not so fast!  Believe it or not, some of the worst weather days will turn into your best sales days if you just stick it out. Whether you are doing curbside, catering, or a special event, here’s a few reasons to work on a rainy day.

  • Use this as an opportunity to show your customers how consistent and reliable you are. Customers are expecting to see you at your location. If someone comes to have lunch and you are not in your regular location, this will likely frustrate them and force them to choose a different option. Your customers will appreciate your consistency. If you cannot make it due to weather circumstances, make sure you post this on your social media so people are aware.
  • Other food truck vendors might not bother to show up. This means less competition for you and higher sales! Nothin’ beats having a lineup of hungry people.
  • You can’t predict the weather You know those days that start dark and stormy but turn into sunshine partway through? Those can be very profitable days. Check the weather, and ALWAYS show up on the days that are supposed to turn into sunny days! If you do not set up on time, you might not be prepared for the rush, and you could miss your busiest time of the day.

The Bottom Line

Use your discretion when deciding what to do on a bad weather day, but take these tips into account – it could turn into a very profitable day! Visit us at venturefoodtrucks.com