13 Year Old Boy Hot Dog Vendor Pursues His Dream

Posted by fitahbaz

The story of Young Entrepreneur and helping hands at Steve Harvey Show

Venture Food trucks/ Willy dog Hot Dog Carts is proud to share the story of 13-year-old Jaequan Faulkner as part of our “Young Entrepreneur Encouragement” strategy. This young hot dog vendor almost got shut down. Except his local community made sure he got the permits and help he needed to keep his business going. The story is featured this week on Steve Harvey TV.

Back in 2016, Jaequan decided to use his uncle’s old-fashioned hot dog roller grill to earn some money during his summer holiday. As a matter of fact, his activity turned out to be more than a short-term business and was making some extra money. He enjoyed the whole process and decided to continue with his venture. There was only one problem – someone from his neighbourhood put in a complaint with the health department.  In the end, that problem had a positive impact on Jaequan’s business. Word spread that Jaequan’s hot dog business was shut down, and that’s when the community stepped in to help!

Hammacher Schlammer contacted Willy Dog regarding a special cart for Jaequan and Neon (Northside Economic Opportunity Network) helped him to get his necessary permits. In the end, Jaequan was gifted his very own Authentic New York Hot Dog. A Vendor Cart built by Willy Dog Hot Dog Carts live on the Steve Harvey Show!

We at Venture Food Trucks love to see Young Entrepreneurs in the mobile food service industry to pursue their dreams. If you need more information, call Venture at 18554052324.