5 General Tips for Food Truck Owners

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

Mermaid Food TruckBig cities are catching onto mobile business food trends, and with so much competition it’s important to stay ahead. With the fast flow of working in a food truck business sometimes, it’s hard to find the time for research – so we decided to compile a brief list of highlights from our previous blogs as tips. Check out our list of 5 tips to successfully start and run your mobile business:

Personality Traits:

An outgoing, positive and focused character is a must for success in any business. You have to be willing to put yourself out there, talk about your mobile business, and have a positive mindset in the face of rejection.

Food Truck Efficiency:

Having your food truck in tip-top shape requires regular cleaning and maintaining your food truck and equipment. By having a consistently clean food truck, you can spend less time cleaning more frequently and focus on other things like prepping, cooking, and being ready to serve your customers. A detailed daily checklist, as well as a realistic action plan, can help you to stay focused if things get tough.

Marketing Techniques:

With the advancement in technology, the process of marketing became much simpler and less expensive. Although it is important to stay on top of rapid changes in the trends and technology, make sure you have a frequent and consistent social media presence, whether that is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a combination of those. Maintaining a fun, steady social media campaign can help you to showcase your product.

Menu Profitability:

A limited item menu that offers quality food is the secret to your success. Preparing and cooking many dishes can be very inefficient in a food truck and will create a mediocre result. Focus on the quality and not on the quantity of the food items on your menu.

Money Management:

Keeping a daily track of the cost of food sold, food waste, food truck operation costs, labour cost, and the daily sales of your mobile business can help you be more organized. Being on top of these things will ensure that you are making enough profit and show you ways you can improve over time.

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