Best DIY Food Truck Upgrades

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

The Kosher Pickle Food Truck
Starting any new business is a huge financial undertaking and food trucks are no exception. Beyond the food truck build, one must consider licensing, food costs, and event fees before they are fully operational and turning a steady profit. Sometimes, there are certain upgrades that you would love to have but just can’t justify the cost before you are making money. Here we share some DIY food truck ways you can jazz up your own truck inside and out without spending a fortune:

Hanging Potted Plants or Herbs

Add some hooks to the outside of your food truck for an inexpensive, cute way to show customers just how fresh your food is. Imagine how much clients will love seeing herbs outside the truck, that can be freshly picked and added to their lunch!

 LED lights around the service window

At night, string up some LED or twinkly lights to stand out. You can get solar-powered lights, or just feed the electrical cord through the service window to the plugin.

Residential Chest Freezer

Commercial refrigeration is very expensive. If you need a bit of freezer space but it isn’t crucial, you could get an under-counter residential freezer for a few hundred dollars that also function as extra counter space.

Seating area for customers

Some cute folding chairs and tables is another DIY inviting way to welcome customers and allow them to be comfortable while they enjoy your menu items. At the end of the day, just fold them up and slide into your food truck!

Chalk Board Menu

LED Menu Boards are great, but a DIY food truck chalkboard is a functional and trendy option for sharing your menu on a budget. Have the Venture Food Trucks team install 2 metal brackets to easily slide the menu board in and out.