Best Mobile Apps for Food Truck Operators

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

Daily life moves fast these days, and technology both makes us work faster and harder but also simplifies some of our daily tasks.  Making things happen on the go is a must. For a food truck owner, a collection of apps on a mobile device can be very handy. Here are a few best apps that can help you accomplish your different daily tasks with ease:

Trello: This app is an organizational tool. Trello helps your team organize. This free and easy-to-use app keeps track of everything from the big picture to the small details. Get more done with the Trello’s lists, boards, and cards. It decreases your mental pressure with notifications and simplified task cards.

Mailchimp: Mailchimp is designed to make your business grow faster. It is all in one marketing platform. Use Mailchimp to easily create email campaigns and more. Mailchimp templates are easy to use and professional looking. The app also has the real-time data report.

Canva: makes the design of your marketing pieces easy, with its beautiful design templates. With Canva you can build your own brand package with your brand colors, fonts & logo!

Toronto Food Truck: A food truck resource for the GTA. This is a comprehensive guide to food trucks including location info, photos, and the latest news and events. They post tons of updates, and always feature new food trucks on the Toronto scene.

Roaming Hunger created two separate apps for the vendor and customer side. The vendor app is RH Vendor, which lets you enter your detail and announce your location. In addition, your food truck can be booked for events and parties through their website. Eat St. is the customer side app. With this app customers can view your profile and locate your food truck.

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