Business Plan for a Food Truck

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

The Roadmap to your Food Truck Success

The purpose of a business plan is to secure an initial investment in your food truck business and beyond. A complete business plan is your roadmap to success. Your business plan summarizes everything, from your initial investment to your food truck’s sales forecast. It should also include market research as we discussed in our previous post (how to succeed in your food truck business). The business plan needs to include the competition, potential audiences, and marketing strategies to reach your audience…

Your food truck business plan needs to specify:

Your Food Truck’s Niche:

Every business starts with a concept. The time of the usual street vendor’s food has passed. Today’s Food truck owners represent various menus, from vegetarian East Indian cuisine to BBQ. Your market study can help you to choose what type of food concept will work better in your area.

Food Truck Location:

Food trucks are mobile and that creates a great opportunity to reach a wider audience. On the other hand, not all the locations are available to food trucks. Your business plan needs to specify the locations that you choose to operate your food truck. Having different location is not always helpful, you have to make sure that you have a consistent schedule that is broadcast on your social media loud and clear. Your schedule and your location plan should be reflected in your business plan to ensure consistency. How will you know if a food truck location works? Go there and observe what kind of traffic goes by – people on foot? By car? How many per hour?

Food Truck Marketing Strategies:

Creating a clear and scheduled marketing plan is crucial for your business. Your business plan needs to allocate a specific time for marketing your cuisine to the market.   It needs to outline how you will target your audience and what type of methods you are using to promote your food truck business.


It is important to decide about the number of hours and number of employees that you might have ahead of time. How much will your staff cost you? What kind of hours will they work? What will you pay for yourself?

Food Truck Business Plan Template

You can find two sample business plan in these links which can be a good start for your customized business plan:

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