Sizzling Summer Days – How Do I Keep my Food Truck Cool?

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

The expression goes, “Make hay when the sun shines”. The same applies with a food truck! People love going out on a nice, sunny day for something to eat, but the sunnier and hotter it is, the warmer your food truck will be. Increased temperatures can make working conditions uncomfortable for you and your staff. Keep reading for some simple and effective tips for keeping your food truck cool.

The first and most obvious is an Air Conditioning unit. A 15,000 BTU AC works well for morning prep work and all-electric mobile builds. While they do cool well, it can be hard for a roof-mounted AC to keep up when the service window is open and the hood/fan system is pulling air out of the truck. If you have the electrical capacity and want AC, consider having two roof units installed in your food truck. Pricing: $2000 – $4000

We love 12V and manual roof vents! The 12V roof vents have a small motorized fan in them that do a great job moving air around.  Most come with a fan speed control. You can also reverse the fan direction to pull air out of the truck if it gets smoky. Fans are a cost-effective cooling option. Pricing: $300-$500

Lastly, create an ample cross breeze through your truck. A combination of having the back door open, roof vents, fans and service window all being open can do a good job of keeping the temperature in the truck down. A couple fans placed strategically in the truck can effectively blow cool air on you, and pull hot air out of the truck! Pricing: Free!

Warm working conditions are unfortunately part of running a food truck, but a few simple add-ons can make a big difference! Not only will you be more comfortable, you will likely be more efficient as well! We are a food truck manufacturer based out of Canada. If you are thinking about a food truck and want to talk more about ways to upgrade your build, get in touch with us!