Will People Eat at My Food Truck When It’s Freezing Cold Outside?

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

When you are planning your food truck business plan, there are many factors to consider. Budget, menu, location, hours and more. One thing that often comes up when we talk to our clients is whether the business will be seasonal, or year-round. If you live in a location where winters can range from frosty to downright frigid it’s an important decision to make!

Here are some factors to consider:


If you have a downtown location with lots of walking traffic, it may be viable to operate year-round. A lunch crowd or people browsing shops will be likely to wait a few minutes in the cold for a tasty bite to eat. If you operate in a city that sees high tourist volume only in the summer months you may find that the winter months are very slow, with reduced traffic to the area. While many special events are during the summer, you could also research winter events that draw crowds, and choose a couple to participate in. Local ones include Feb Fest, Maple Madness, Brier Fest and more. 

Type of food being sold

What kind of food is best to serve at a food truck? If you operate in the winter, consider serving cozy options like soup, chili, grilled cheese, mac n’ cheese etc. Ice cream and salads may not be hot sellers (no pun intended) from Dec-February when people are craving comforting food options.

Set up

How can you make your guests more comfortable if you are operating in Winter Months? Hanging heat lamps, blankets at picnic tables, or a small enclosure around your food truck or concession trailer can make a big difference. If you move regularly this may be harder to achieve, but with some creative ideas you will be able to achieve a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Whether to operate your food truck in Winter months is a decision based on if you can remain profitable. If guests are happy to come to your food truck all year round, staying open is a logical choice. If you slow right down as the days get shorter and cooler, consider closing your truck using proper winterizing techniques and heading south!