Food Trucks at Events: A Different Approach

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

Huber College Educational TruckFinding great locations for you to go to every day is essential for your success as a food truck. Whether that is a permanent location that you have found that has a lot of pedestrian traffic or a route you follow every day stopping at local popular spots. But if you are limiting your business to these everyday locations, then you are missing a massive opportunity for extra customers. Food trucks at events can generate a good income.

With your permanent locations, you ideally will have a steady stream of traffic throughout the day with spikes in peak times at lunch or dinner. Events, however, offer a very high flow of customer traffic in a very short time and the benefits of this are great.

Food trucks at events provide a great marketing opportunity to attract customers that may have never run into your food truck without having seen you at the event. Special events have large volumes of people, in new locations, with new groups of people every time. This offers significantly more exposure in a short time to gain a massive amount of traffic and expand your audience.

If you do not achieve sales from certain customers on the day of the event. They become aware of your business and can easily find you again if you have a strong social media presence. You may also develop loyal customers who come seek you out on your everyday route after trying your product from the event. So, these special events present a large number of additional people that could become loyal customers.

Food truck at events

can also be effective and efficient because it can be done in addition to your regular hours without significant added time. You are not needing to take away from your usual typical sales to gain these extra customers. Some events can be a full day but many can be covered in an hour or two. As an example attending your local soccer fields as the games are ending.

Many of the events are also in the evening or weekends which may be times that you do not operate at your typical locations. This means that you can easily attend all these events after going to your permanent locations.
After you begin attending these events for a while you can develop a schedule that works perfectly for you. Which it maximizes the amount of time spent on your everyday locations in cooperation with these additional events. If you get a good system going you will be amazed at the additional success you will see.

I said at the beginning that there are more benefits than just extra revenue, but that is the best of all. You are running a business and maximizing your selling time, in peak season is crucial.

Now you know all the benefits of taking your business to events, but what help is that if you don’t know what events you should take it to? We have compiled a list of the best events to take your truck to the outside of your permanent location. These events may involve an application and fee to participate, so do your research to figure out which audiences are best for you.

Some great events for food trucks include:

  • Car shows & rallies, farm shows, boat shows, air shows, industrial or home shows
  • County fairs, cultural events, carnivals, fishing derbies, auctions, parades
  • Flea markets, music festivals, antique, and craft shows, tourist attractions
  • Grand openings, open houses, large sales events, car dealers
  • Business anniversaries, company picnics & banquets, conventions
  • Charity events, church /club /school functions
  • Music Festivals
  • Catering parties and anniversaries
  • Sporting events such as soccer, baseball, football

Our commitment is to offer complete turnkey development to our customers, from building to getting the project out and rolling on the street.

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