How Much Does a Food Truck Cost?

Posted by Firouzeh Tahbaz

food truck cost
How much does a food truck cost? While there isn’t one solid answer to this question, trucks tend to range from $60 000 – $140 000, and there are many variables that impact the cost. Some of these variables include Age of the truck, equipment required, the power required, and exterior graphics. Let’s get into some of these factors here…

Age of Truck

You can go with a brand-new truck or a used truck. Each option comes with its own benefits. A new truck costs around $70 000.00 before we start any fabrication on it, and it comes with a factory warranty and the peace of mind that you are getting a vehicle that will be worry-free. On the other hand, a gently used truck offers great savings and could be the best option for getting started in the food truck business. Vehicle parts are always accessible, so if you do need some upgrades on your food truck, it’s not an issue. Venture Food Trucks also offers great powertrain warranty packages for our used trucks that we recommend you take advantage of.

Equipment Requirements

The type of cooking and refrigeration equipment you require affect your overall cost. Some brands or more expensive than others so keep this in mind when making your selections. For example, pizza ovens, ice cream machines, and convection ovens are appliances that tend to increase the food truck cost. You can also consider going with some used equipment. We do recommend installing commercial equipment, because the warranties are always 1-3 years, and they are better for high volume use.

Power Requirements

If you plan on changing your food truck location frequently you will require a generator to power your electrical equipment. The best generator is one that powers all your equipment while maintaining a quiet noise level in operation. Food truck generators start at 7000W and go up to about 25 000W. An espresso maker, panini press, or soft ice cream machine have large draws and require a more powerful generator. Generator costs start around $5000 for a quiet-run model and go upwards of $20 000.00 for a 25 000W.

Exterior Graphics + Artwork

Presentation is such an important part of marketing your food truck effectively and we suggest giving this area a lot of thought. This is your customer’s first impression of your business when they are choosing where to eat.  You can expect to spend around $5000 for a full vehicle wrap. You may want to consider a Marquee, truck topper, or a retractable awning, which can range in price from $500 – $3000.00.

This is your business and it is important to invest wisely for long-running success!  We have options for your budget, whatever that may be. Get in touch with us at Venture Food Trucks to discuss a food truck option that works best for you. We can be reached by phone at 1-855-405-2324 or