How to Manage and Schedule your Food Truck Social Media

Posted by fitahbaz

Food Truck Social MediaManaging all activities in a food truck can be challenging, especially if you add the food truck social media management to it. Social media has changed the way marketing works for businesses. But managing different platforms and types of Social media is very time-consuming. Therefore another type of online software started to grow.

Here are two tools that help you to automate organize and schedule your online activities: Buffer, Hoot Suite.


is a simple interface that you can connect your social media accounts. From then on only once a day, you’ll go into Buffer and fill it up with status updates. The updates will automatically go out in the order they were added based on your set schedule. The social media that you can add to your Buffer account are Twitter, Facebook (including Pages), LinkedIn (including Groups), Google+, and The free plan is included 10 scheduled posts on one account per social network.


is a platform that lets you add Foursquare to your set of social media. This tool lets you schedule posts, reply to comments and mentions of your brand. This platform supports Twitter, Facebook (including Pages and Groups), LinkedIn (including Company Pages and Groups), Google+, Foursquare, and other apps. The free plan is included 5 social profiles.

In Social media, one of the important factors is to be steady with your post and try to keep your followers engaged. Therefore the timing of your posting schedule should be based on your customer’s behaviour. The best way to find out this pattern is to think practical. What time your customers start to decide about their lunch? When should you announce your specials? How long would they need to reach you?

In this article, we just touched the basis of scheduling your food truck marketing activity. If you need more detailed information call us at 1 855 405 2324 or email